Saturday, October 8, 2016

Like Mother, Like . . . .

I know I've been absent for a while. Too long. In this case, no news is a combo of good news and horrible morning sickness.

Let's start with the morning sickness. Every day. Nausea. Burping, oh dear god the burping. Uncontrollable retching. Vomiting. The only time I didn't feel like death was when I was asleep. You'd think that's good, right? Because most pregnant women get really tired in the first trimester. During my first pregnancy, I got the best sleep of my life until it ended at 10 weeks. My head would hit the pillow, any time of day, and I'd be out.

Now? Nope. No sleep. Why, you ask? Because I've managed to develop a case of pregnancy-induced Graves Disease. That means that my thyroid has gone hyperactive. My heart is constantly racing and feels like it's pounding in my chest. My ability to sleep past 2 am is minuscule, and I have trouble falling asleep. Add those symptoms to horrific nausea and you get a really special brand of misery. It kept me off the computer unless I needed to be there, hence the radio silence.

I asked my OB for something for the nausea. At that point, I was down 7 pounds from my starting weight, which I told her. Her response? "Yes, it's worse with twins. Try eating crackers." It was a 'let them eat cake' moment if ever one existed. Needless to say, I'll be seeing other OBs in the group from here on out.

But that takes us to the good news portion. Two weeks ago, I went to the U of M's MFM center for CVS testing on the babies. After that, DH and I held our breaths and waited for the next shoe to drop. It never did! The FISH results revealed two healthy girls! We are over the moon excited.

I got the babies' full karyotypes back yesterday. The genetic counselor was great and told me everyone was healthy. Then she told me that Baby A is a totally normal 46xx, while Baby B is a 46xx with a pericentric inversion of chromosome 9. I guess there's no denying that one is mine!

I am madly in love and desperately hopeful that I'll start feeling human again soon.