Tuesday, March 12, 2019

The Other Roller-coaster

In the past, I've ridden the ART roller-coaster: each bout of good news is followed by bad news. As my pregnancy progressed, I thought I was finally done with the roller-coaster. Nope! Now there's the NICU roller-coaster.

The babies have gone from CPAP to needing the vent to CPAP again to room air. Baby girl continues to have some challenges with oxygen sat levels and reflux, but is gaining weight. Baby boy was having bradys, but has mostly stopped and has great sat and heart rate numbers. Over the course of two weeks, we've gone from one on one nursing care for each baby and the fear that baby girl would have to go to a different hospital to "just" being feeder/growers. It's a roller-coaster, but it's looking up.

Here's a picture of DH with both babies on the day we were in the room where both could be held at once. We're in new rooms now, so we can't hold both until they come off the monitors to go home.