Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Baby Book: 10 Months

The month to month changes are so amazing. I'm glad to be doing this, even if I rarely get them posted.

  • T gave us her first intentional wave this weekend. She saw Grammie walking down the stairs toward her, and she grinned big. When Grammie waved hello, she waved back and she was SO proud of herself. It was amazing.
  • T now has her two bottom teeth. She's done pretty well for having them both come in at once. 
  • T is now sitting quite well independently, although she'll still fall over occasionally. 
  • T will now stand up if you help her. She also LOVES to "bounce" - she'll stand, and then do a squat, then stand again. If you help her get back up, as if she's bouncing, she loves it. 
  • Because T can sit, she'll happily explore the toy box. She still loves her taco, but the stacking cups have become another favorite. Nothing is more fun than unstacking and chewing upon freshly stacked cups!
  • T is still our big eater. She likes pretty much all solids. She's also now able to recognize what's on the spoon and will stop eating things she doesn't like as much, but then start opening her mouth again when you give her things she likes better! We were feeding carrots and yogurt. She refused to open her mouth after 2 ounces of carrots, but as soon as we put yogurt on the spoon, she looked at it, and opened her mouth to eat all 2.5 ounces of that! 
  • T has figured out how to make a clicking noise with her mouth. She'll click and be super happy if you click back at her. 
  • For the first time, I'm able to calm T down as much as DH can. I guess mommies do exert some powers!
  • T is now saying "mama!" on occasion. 

  • A is finding more food to enjoy! He likes carrots and pears, as well as his true love, yogurt. 
  • A is so close to crawling. He can do a 3 point crawl backward, but is so frustrated that he can't move forward. I hope he figures it out soon. 
  • A now has at least one top tooth, maybe 2. 
  • A is developing more severe separation anxiety. If you leave the room, he cries. If you let him fall asleep before you put him down, and he wakes up with you gone, he cries. 
  • On a few occasions, A has stood up on his own by holding onto the furniture. On another occasion, he flipped on his tummy, grabbed the crib bars, and then pulled his head into them, hard. That didn't go over well, poor fellow!