Friday, January 24, 2020

Baby Book: 11 Months

The month to month changes at this age are so huge, it's amazing.

  • A is now crawling everywhere. He figured out the forward crawl one day and just took off. We've had to baby gate off everything!
  • A is pulling to stand on anything that might support his weight. He also stood without any support for a few seconds today.
  • A has six teeth and loves grabbing things in his mouth and crawling off with them, puppy dog style! 
  • A is so much happier now he can crawl. 
  • A has become our better eater. He'll have more ounces of most solids than T will. He's also able to pick up puffs and mums and chomp down on them. 
  • A is still the more mellow baby. He loves hugs. When in his walker table, he'll still run over and hug his Dad's legs the moment he sees Dad come into the room. 

  • T is showing no signs of crawling. She won't get up on her knees. She can sit if you help her get upright, but can't sit herself up unless someone holds her legs. 
  • T will roll to get to toys, but as before she'll only move exactly as much as needed to get what she wants.
  • T will 'fake cry' - sob without tears - to have toys handed to her, rather than move to get them.
  • T loves to stand if you help her. I suspect she thinks crawling is beneath her and wants to go straight to walking. 
  • T started to use the walker table and will joyously run laps around it now. Overnight she figured out how to walk with one foot in front of the other, versus using both feet to push/pull.
  • T is now a pickier eater. Foods she enjoyed she'll no longer tolerate. No peas. No bananas. No peanut butter in yogurt. No carrots. She wants yogurt. 
  • T will eat some solids, but has trouble getting them into her mouth. She seems to like Mum mums, and she'll eat french toast chunks. If you feed her yogurt melts she'll eat them, but good luck getting her to feed herself!