Sunday, November 24, 2019

Baby Book: 9 Months

I wrote all of these baby book posts around the right time, but between pumping and babies, I never had a chance to post them. Back posting now to keep a log.

Have I mentioned that moming living kids is amazing? The babies make me so, so happy. They're so different, and so challenging, and so wonderful - all at the same time. We decided to be brave and take T on her first restaurant meal with us last weekend. She did great, playing with napkins and a burp cloth and looking all around. Everything was good until we were waiting for the check and I noticed that the hand holding her bottom was wet. It wasn't drool or pee. So, our first public changing experience included a full blow out. Go big or go home, amirite?

  • A is 'standing' - holding his own weight and using us for balance. He won't pull up yet, but he LOVES to be standing up. 
  • A is a rolling machine. Where you set him down is not where you'll find him if you turn your back for a few minutes. 
  • A can get up on hands and knees and rock. He's pushed himself backward a few times when doing that, but hasn't yet figured out crawling. 
  • A is not a fan of any foods but yogurt. Yogurt, the kid loves. Bananas, he'll tolerate. Anything else (including things mixed with yogurt) gets 'the face'. 
  • A's got two teeth now and drools like you wouldn't believe. 
  • His favorite 'toy' is his walker table. He'll cruise lap after lap around it, and he's now tall enough to play with all the toys on the table itself. 
  • He continues to be a fan of shopping, and to only tolerate bath time. 
  • A's babble now includes "mama!" and "MMMMom!" 

  • T has no interest in standing. She'll sit up, but still launches herself backward, so you have to sit behind her for safety. 
  • T rolls, but only enough to get whatever toy she wants. She really moves the bare minimum amount necessary to accomplish what she wants.
  • T still LOVES her jumper. She drives her Grammie mad by swinging front to back in it, rather than bouncing up and down. 
  • T loves food. All food. Especially peas. She opens her mouth, leans so far forward that only the highchair straps contain her, and whines if you don't give her another spoonful fast enough. 
  • T loves shopping and other outings. She also loves bathtime, and will kick her legs in the tub hard enough to splash whoever is bathing her. 
  • T doesn't have any teeth yet, and isn't drooling much, so I don't think any are coming in soon. 
  • T continues to be curious. If her brother has a toy, she wants it. If she can figure out how to do something herself, she's happy.
  • As T's reflux is improving, her mood is too. Poor baby, I think much of her crankiness has been tied to reflux.