Getting pregnant, and getting un-pregnant, has been extremely costly. Insurance has helped for testing, surgeries, and each of our losses, although I've met my HDHP's out of pocket max each year. I have no infertility coverage, but have had some medication coverage and was extremely lucky to receive donated meds when my coverage ran out.

The numbers below are horrifying, but as a DOR patient, my medication doses are extremely high. That's driven the cost up. My clinic is also pricey (but which ones aren't?). This isn't sustainable for us, but I'm intensely glad for jobs that pay well enough to allow us to pursue treatments.

The numbers below reflect straight medical expenses, including office visits, complimentary care (e.g., therapist, acupuncture), and prescriptions. They do not include endless supplements, ovulation and pregnancy tests, or a bad habit of retail therapy I've engaged in after some of my losses. This also does not include the cost of cremating the babies.

Fertility treatments and medications for 1 cycle: $5,299
Pregnancy, pregnancy loss, related costs: $4,374

Fertility treatments and medications for 2 cycles: $9,117
Pregnancy, pregnancy loss, related costs: $6,348

Fertility treatments and medications for 4 cycles: $18,660
Complimentary therapies (acupuncture, yoga): $1,908
Pregnancy, pregnancy loss, related costs: $1,563

Pregnancy, delivery, infant health: $10,832

Total spent through June 2019:
Fertility treatments and medications: $33,076
Pregnancy, pregnancy loss related costs: $23,117
Complimentary stuff: $1,908

Total: $58,101

Living Kids

Let's add a bit of fun to this page. Or maybe a different type of horrifying numbers? People often ask: how much do twins cost? Here are just two of the common costs for twins, based on our real numbers:

Total number of diapers in first ~12.5 months home from the hospital: 6,344. At $0.17 per diaper, that's $1,078.

Total ounces of formula consumed (Neosure until 9 months, then similac Advance until ~13): 9,304. Cost $1981. I also fed pumped breastmilk, so this total is less than half of their total feeding volume.

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  1. Wow! You have been through a lot, how are you doing presently?