Monday, March 29, 2021

Not As Uneventful As Desired

 Yesterday was my tough day, reaching the same milestone in this pregnancy that marked the change of my life in Alexis and Zoe's pregnancy. I wanted a boring day. I didn't quite get it.

The day overall went well. I studiously avoided going into the bathroom where my water broke in 2016, and also made the conscious decision to not wear the pants I'd laid out for myself, which coincidentally happened to be the exact ones I was wearing that past morning. (Side note: Adidas warm ups, you are now at least 12 years old, get tons of use, and are showing no wear at all. I'm damned impressed.) Those behaviors might not be the most well adjusted, but I can live with that. 

I passed breakfast and lunch uneventfully. DH usually takes the kids starting at dinner time, since food smells are tough for me. He takes them on a walk after dinner now that the weather is improving. They left as usual. 

I got a bit worried when bath time arrived and they weren't home from their walk yet, however there were no text messages to me. I got vastly more worried when I heard DH's voice asking as he came down the stairs "Is Mommy still up?"

Turns out they decided to go to the playground. I'm too risk averse to do that by myself with both kids at this run-in-opposite-directions stage, but DH has a different risk tolerance than I. So, playground. One part of the playground has a platform from which you can slide down a fireman's pole. DH did this to reach T more quickly when she needed help. Apparently A was watching. DH was helping T when Aaron climbed up to the platform and took a flying leap off the edge, without grabbing the pole at all. 

Good news: the playground had a new, thick layer of tanbark down, and A was wearing his full snow suit, which provided good cushioning. The bad news: his face hit the tanbark and he got cut up. Pupils were fine, he could correctly answer questions about what he ate for dinner, and after a relatively small amount of crying, he seemed fine if clingy. He played and behaved fine through bath time, and when asked what hurt, just pointed to his cuts. He seems fine this morning.

All's well that ends well, and this seems to have re-set DH's risk tolerance a bit. Still, a lot of ugly 'what-if' scenarios ran through my head. DH is/was prone to nightmares, during which he'd start screaming loudly. I usually have to wake and calm him. Since doing EMDR, they've dramatically decreased in frequency. Last night, though, at 2 am, he had another.  

Ok, Universe. We've gotten the 'eventful' part out of the way. Let's still with 'boring' from here on out, eh?


  1. Oh jeez, so scary! I'm glad all's well that ends well. I get the awareness of not repeating the pants and avoiding the bathroom. 💜 Continued good thoughts for you!

    1. Your reply made me chuckle in a good way - It made me realize I was trying to avoid repeating the past via (not) repeating the pants! I like the linguistic overlap!

      Thank you so much for thinking of us, it really means a ton.

  2. Yikes! Glad he was okay and you got through the difficult day. Continuing to send good thoughts, as well!

    1. Thank you - I so much appreciate the good thoughts!

  3. Well A wanted to make sure you & your husband stayed on your toes!! I'm very glad the little guy is okay :)

    I hope your pregnancy has continued to be peaceful and can't wait for your next update!

  4. How are you doing? Hopefully your pregnancy is going well. I miss seeing your updates.